Accommodations and Arrangements: How a Housing Service Can Help

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“Working with a housing company can provide added value to your tournament – provided you choose the right company. Choose well and you can find a good partner who will do what they do best; handling the tournament housing and leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best .”

Our very own Pse President Jeff Lukasak sat down with the staff from Sports Destinations  Management and cranked out a fantastic article about the value of using a housing service. Jeff would know too, he has been the founder and frontman of Pse Event Housing since 2002 and is the driving force behind much of the new and forward thinking improvements they’re making to the way event housing is done. Calling to book a hotel or jumping online for the cheapest deal you can find may work just fine for a family weekend trip, but large events require much more strategic planning and organization behind the scenes. Jeff and the staff at Pse understand this and use a plethora of tools at their disposal that were developed specifically for making the housing experience smooth and worry free for all parties involved.

Services like Pse specialize in the management and facilitation of hotel rooms for large tournaments and events so the organizers don’t have to. Large scale and even moderately sized events can be overwhelming no matter how experienced the directors are; let a housing service enhance your event by simply taking that element off your plate and executing it quietly and efficiently. Whether you’re organizing an event, participating in an event or managing a hotel the event will be using; let a housing service help.

Check out Jeff’s full article here:     HOW A HOUSING SERVICE CAN HELP 

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