OWHA U18 Selection Camp

CONGRATULATIONS to 24 99/00 Selects Girls Who Participated in the OWHA U18 Selection Camp
This weekend in Nottawasaga, ON 80 girls participated in the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association’s U18 Selection Camp.  LEGACY Global Sports and Selects Hockey would like to send out congratulations to the 24 99/00 ECS & WCS girls who competed in the event.
Katie Mowbray — 99 ECS-O
Emma Buckels — 99 ECS-O
Megan Laviolette — 99 ECS-O
Avery Mitchell — 99 ECS-O
Carly Olivier — 99 WCS
Kristen Siermachesky — 99 WCS
Brooke Bonsteel — 99 ECS-O
Maria Dominico — 99 ECS-O
Makayla Mori — 99 ECS-O
Kristy Pidgeon — 98 ECS-O
Devon Facchinato — 98 WCS
Megan Johnston — 99 WCS
Emily Pinto — 99 ECS-O
Daryl Watts — 99/98 ECS-O
Katrina Whiteye — 99 WCS
Mackenzy Arsenault — 99 WCS
Sierra Burt — 99 WCS
Megan Fegusson — 99 WCS
Jessica Poirier — 99 ECS-O
Cam Tait — 99 ECS-O
Amy Dobson — 00 ECS-O
Meghan Anton — 00 WCS
Mary Corby — 00 ECS-O
Lauren Ianni — 00 ECS-O
In addition to the 24 Selects players listed above, there are 11 other girls in the Selection Camp who participated in Selects Showcase at NAPS over the past few years.
Congratulations and GOOD LUCK to all the girls on their quest to make Team Ontario!
LEGACY Global Sports
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