Warrior NPI Player Profiles: Part Two


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LEGACY Global Sports will gather many of the nation’s premier boys and girls lacrosse recruits in Richmond, Virginia on July 19th-20th for the Warrior National Prospect Invitational. We wanted to take the opportunity to get to know a little more about the next wave of NCAA lacrosse talent, so we asked them some questions about their background and what brings them to the Warrior NPI in 2016.


Madeline Medve


Class of 2018 Goalie

High School Program: Villa Maria Academy

Favorite Athlete: Devon Wills because she never gives up and takes every opportunity to teach her craft to the younger generation.

Pregame Ritual: I listen to my favorite song twice, then do a silent warmup, and finish with some crazy fast shots to sike out the other team.

Best Skills/Attributes: I am patient at the clear and love to see my teammates succeed. I also pride myself at being very good at 8 meter shots.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

I am focused on fine tuning my technique and stepping up my mental game.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

The amazing experience of meeting new girls who share the same passion for lacrosse as I do.


John Armistead 


Class of 2018 Midfielder

High School Program: Bellarmine College Prep

Favorite Athlete: My favorite athlete is Brent Burns. Being from San Jose, I am definitely a huge Sharks fan, and Burns brings a great energy and tenacity to the team, which makes him very fun to watch.

Pregame Ritual: Mainly before games, my main focus is to prepare myself physically and mentally. I do not have a routine, besides playing music and trying to find the right mindset before the first whistle.

Best Skills/Attributes: In my opinion, the best element of my game is my field IQ. I will be entering my 10th season of lacrosse, which is more than most people coming from the west coast. The previous 9 seasons have given me a great insight to the game, allowing me to utilize my IQ to my advantage.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

Everyone talks about the jump in pace from high school to college. Therefore, I am focusing on continuing to improve my speed and quickness in order to hopefully gain an advantage on my opponents.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

The Warrior NPI excites me because it highlights not only athletic, but also academic excellence. This provides me with a great opportunity to showcase both on and off the field efforts.

Cecilia “CC” Courter 

CC vs Glen Ridge in 2016 ECT Final 862U9012-XL

Class of 2018 Defense

High School Program: Verona High School (NJ)

Favorite Athlete: Jerry Rice- WR, 49ers…because he came from very little and made himself the greatest player at his position through an unmatched work ethic. I especially liked the story about how Jerry Rice used to catch bricks thrown at him by his dad to make his hands stronger for catching the football.

Pregame Ritual: I like to eat apples before games and my hair has to be in a braided pony tail and the pony tail has to be smooth. No bumps.

Best Skills/Attributes: I’m a team player who looks to make life easier for my goalie. Some of the best elements of my game are that I’m a physically strong, explosive player with great quickness and good lacrosse IQ that puts my teammates in a position to succeed. My elusiveness with the ball on clearing runs helps my team keep possession and also makes me a threat offensively.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

Increasing my success rate on 50/50 balls to help my team win or keep possession. I would also like become more of an offensive threat from my defensive position.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

The opportunity to showcase my talents to a large group of college coaches and to compete against the top players in the region.


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