Warrior NPI Player Profiles: Part Three


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LEGACY Global Sports will gather many of the nation’s premier boys and girls lacrosse recruits in Richmond, Virginia on July 19th-20th for the Warrior National Prospect Invitational. We wanted to take the opportunity to get to know a little more about the next wave of NCAA lacrosse talent, so we asked them some questions about their background and what brings them to the Warrior NPI in 2016.


RJ Corba

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Class of 2018 Defenseman

High School Program: FCA Northeast and Old School Lacrosse Club

Favorite Athlete: JJ Watt, not because he has superstar fame, but because he gives back to the community in a down-to-earth manner. He also is the type of athlete that I aspire to be like: one who has unrelenting drive on the field and then a respectful, intelligent person outside of competition.

Pregame Ritual: I eat M&M’s before every game

Best Skills/Attributes: I am an intelligent defender who can shut down players for entire games using hard, timed checks paired with tough body defense. I also play great team defense by communicating with my teammates about slides, formations, cutters, picks, etc. My stick skills also reflect my pastime as an attackman; I can force transition after picking up ground balls by pushing the ball myself, moving it quickly with long, accurate passes, and being a threat with the ball once it reaches the offense.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level? 

I want to become stronger and faster by training even more intensely than I already am. Additionally, I want to improve my lacrosse IQ by continuing to learn about the more complex aspects of lacrosse.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational? 

I love to compete against high-level competition, so I am very excited to play at this event. I look forward to learning from the coaching staff to further expand my lacrosse IQ as well.

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson Colorado

Class of 2019 Mid/Attack

High School Program: Arapahoe High School

Favorite Athlete: Tyler Pace (#3 for the University of Denver) is my favorite athlete because this past year he has coached and mentored me through the Denver Elite Box Lacrosse program. Tyler took me under his wing and always helped me improve, all while playing for the University of Denver and the Adanacs. To me he is a great role model because he loves to give back to the game.

Pregame Ritual: I do not have any rituals or superstitions when playing lacrosse; however, my favorite pregame meal is chicken and pasta.

Best Skills/Attributes: As a player, I would describe myself as explosive. Some of my best attributes are being able to muscle out bigger opponents when facing off, as well as quickly dodging past the defense on the crease for a shot.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

I am focused on improving my dodging skills from up top (away from the crease) as well as gaining more muscle mass.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

I am most excited about being able to show off my lacrosse skills, as well as my academic accomplishments, in front of a large group of college coaches at the Warrior National Prospect Invite. I also look forward to being able to meet other players from across the country with similar athletic and academic skill sets.

Harman Kessinger


Class of 2018 Defenseman

High School Program: North Paulding

Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning because he always gives his all and is an overall great person on and off the field. I admire that he was able to overcome his old age to win the super bowl in his final season.

Pregame Ritual: During warm-ups, I keep my mouth piece inside the cracks on the outside of my left glove.

Best skills/attributes: I would describe myself as a fundamental and smart player. I am always trying to do everything as efficiently as possible, and limit the number of possible mistakes I can make by playing to my strengths.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

I am focused on continuing to work in the off season just as much as I do in season.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

The opportunity to compete against some of the best players in the nation in front of college coaches.


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