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LEGACY Global Sports will gather many of the nation’s premier boys and girls lacrosse recruits in Richmond, Virginia on July 19th-20th for the Warrior National Prospect Invitational. We wanted to take the opportunity to get to know a little more about the next wave of NCAA lacrosse talent, so we asked them some questions about their background and what brings them to the Warrior NPI in 2016.


JT Lawrence 

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Class of 2018 LSM

High School Program: Greenwich High School

Favorite Athlete: My favorite athlete is Peyton Manning. His ability to rally his team and lead his team to victory is inspiring and makes me want to become a better leader on the lacrosse field and at school.

Pregame Ritual: I always check if I have everything for my game (equipment). I always put on eye black before the game, I also do not let anyone play with my lacrosse stick before the game, I also throw on the wall outside of the school to warm up.

Best Skills/Attributes: I would describe myself as aggressive and determined, I will never give up on my fellow teammates. I also would say one of my strongest parts of my game is my ground ball work and my wing play.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

I would want to improve my leadership role on my teams and becoming a better one-on-one player.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

What excites me most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational is that I will be playing with other great lacrosse players. I will also have a chance to impress some coaches as well and continue on my pursuit to play college lacrosse.

Will Bryan 

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(Pictured above in white)

Class of 2019 Attack 

High School Program: Conestoga

Favorite Athlete: Bo Jackson because he was an amazing multi-sport athlete. He was able to achieve things, like being a professional in two sports, that no one thought was possible. His athletic accomplishments really inspire me to work hard and to be the best version of myself that I can be.

Pregame Ritual: I have a pair of lucky socks and always do the same stretches before every game. I also have a playlist that I listen to before I play. I don’t like to eat before I play, but my favorite post game meal is always Chipotle. 

Best Skills/Attributes: The ability to finish under pressure is the best part of my game. I am able to get the ball off really quickly especially right in front of the cage. I also have a pretty fast and accurate shot which allows me to be a threat from inside and out.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

My footwork to allow me to become a better dodger and also my rides.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

Being with some of the best players in the country and having the chance to learn in a really unique environment.

Gemma Abbott  

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(Pictured above in green)

Class of 2019 Defense 

High School Program: Glenbrook North High School

Pregame Ritual: My pregame ritual is to listen to my pump up spotify playlist in the car or bus at full volume in my headphones before arriving to the field, and then taping my ankles with blue or pink KT tape for support before playing. My favorite pregame meal consists of lots of water to stay hydrated, and dried fruit for energy bursts throughout the game.

Best Skills/Attributes: For me my best elements are my game IQ and my team defense. Playing for 9 years, you see so many different situations, and things that your team and other teams do, and I have learned how to incorporate many things into my game, and what other teams are going to do, so I am rarely caught in a situation I have never been in before. I am also very strong in team defense as I understand sliding, calling help, and all the other important elements.

What are you focused on improving to succeed at the next level?

I am focused on improving my speed and calmness when handling the ball and beating defenders defending me in order to succeed at the next level.

What excites you most about the Warrior National Prospect Invitational?

What excites me the most about the Warrior NPI is the opportunity to play with and against some of the most talented girls in the country, while putting myself in front of many of the top coaches in the country.


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