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LEGACY provides international experiences to youth athletes with the hope that they take away life-long lessons and have a blast competing with great athletes from various cultures around the world. Ruby McCall, a U14 player on the SHD Global team, shared her experiences at the World Selects Invitational event in Bolzano back in May. The SHD Global team consisted of players from Russia, Japan, and other nations.

How was this experience different from other experiences you have had through youth hockey?

“Everything was different and it was an amazing adventure and privilege to play with the SHD Global Team. How could I possibly describe it other than fantastic! The language was different, the money was different, and we cannot forget the food. Touring with other children from all over the world and seeing Bolzano, learning to communicate on the ice with others without using speech, walking to the rink everyday in a foreign country with others, and with the common language being pointing and laughing. We all shared one love and passion and it brought us all together and it was magic.”

What was the hockey competition like? How did the international competitors compare to what you’ve seen in the U.S.?

“The girls were amazingly good hockey players and fun. Our coach Hiroki Wakabayashi  was great getting everyone together and taking a multi-lingual team and keeping them working together on and off the ice.”

What were some of the major highlights of the tour aspect over in Bolzano?

“I would have to say learning to juggle with the Italians and realizing I had no talent, and that they got to juggle in school! Team Sweden that adopted me and hiding Nutella in the safe because it was precious cargo. Playing hide and seek and chasing the Russian girls around laughing until we cried. Making tea in every room that we visited with the Japanese girls. The Swedish girls came out and cheered for me during games. I had never had a fan club before and it was really awesome!”

What would you say to other young hockey players that have interest in attending a similar overseas event?

“If you want to have intense hockey, make incredible friendships, and tour and see amazing places with people that share your same passion, you will will have the time of your life. I am going to the Detroit Hockey Academy in the fall, all of my friends are hockey players, and I train five days a week. This experience allowed me to travel and share my passion with others that are just like me but somewhere else in the world. I will never forget my time or friendships, and no matter where I go the Bolzano SHD experience will be with me always because I am forever changed.”

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