A Coaches Guide To Purchasing Quality Youth Sports Apparel


Selecting sports uniforms can be downright onerous. With so many types of youth sports apparel available on the market today, it can be challenging to find the right style and fabric, let alone the right sizes for every member of your team. And making matters worse, finding a set of uniforms for your youth sports team at an affordable price isn’t always achievable either.

At LEGACY Global Sports, we specialize in designing and manufacturing youth sports apparel for teams of all ages and skill levels. We know how to find the right apparel at the right price. The following are 4 helpful tips every coach should know when selecting team uniforms and supporting sports apparel.

  1. Buy in Bulk — It’s in your best interest to go with a company capable of handling large quantities of uniforms. Buying youth sports apparel in bulk, like in most retail scenarios, means you will ultimately end up paying less per uniform and hence, will save some money in the long run. Also, remember that depending upon the sport you’re purchasing for, you may need home and away jerseys, as well as jerseys for backup players and new players. So, you may have no choice but to purchase a plentiful amount of uniforms.
  2. The More Durable the Better — Youth sports apparel will inevitably take a beating over the course of its life, so be sure to select a durable product that is capable of lasting game to game and season to season. A lacrosse jersey for instance, if taken care of properly should last until a player outgrows it. However, many manufacturers choose to make things in a cheap fashion, so selecting a company that specializes in selling durable youth sports apparel is key.
  3. Find a First-rate Fabric — Not all fabric is created equal—especially when it comes to youth sports apparel. The key is to find high-quality fabric that is both durable like mentioned earlier, but also breathable. Be aware, however, that the fabric you select should be specific to the sport your team plays. So for instance, a hockey jersey should be sturdy and rugged, while a soccer jersey should be super light and equally as breathable.
  4. Quick Turnaround is Key — Speedy and reliable order fulfillment is incredibly important when it comes to youth sports apparel. Because so many companies today outsource to dealers, who may outsource to other dealers who manufacture overseas, the time it takes to get a collection of uniforms can be incredibly lengthy and frustrating. Factor in things like weather conditions and other international transportation hiccups, and there is always a chance your team may not have its uniforms by the time the seasons starts. This is why selecting a company that ensures an efficient turnaround in fulfillment is very important.

At LEGACY Global Sports, our jersey materials withstand the wear and tear that accompanies the lifestyle of a competitive athlete. We offer jersey design solutions free of charge (with limitations). We are the manufacturers—which easily allows us to create add-on orders even after initial order placement. We also eliminate the hassle of ordering team uniforms by providing quality fabrics at competitive price points.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions about our youth sports apparel services. Our customer service department is dedicated to making your transaction smooth and easy.

Roger Burnett, CAS
About the Author
Roger Burnett is the Director of Sales at LEGACY Global Sports. Before beginning his sales career Roger attended the University of Michigan. After over 20 years in the field, he has a wealth of experience in apparel sales and even serves as the Mentorship Chair on the Board of Directors for PromoKitchen, a non-profit organization led by professionals in the promotional products industry.